BreauxPodcastDavid H. Breaux asks people to share their written concept of the word compassion in a notebook. David’s intent is to bring awareness to compassion by encouraging people to think about what compassion means to them. Through this simple gesture, people are moved to contemplate compassion and inspired to act toward the alleviation of suffering in the world.

compassionposterDavid just completed the Compassion Tour–a yearlong, multi-city tour that raised awareness around compassion throughout the United States. It grew out of David’s life work, who resides in Davis, CA, where he spent the majority of 2009-2014 working to bring awareness to compassion within that community. David expanded his reach through the tour, spending approximately one month at a time in different communities over the course of twelve months. Communities included Burlington, Vermont; Louisville, Kentucky; Tampa, Florida; Austin and San Antonio, Texas; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Nashville, Tennessee; Boise, Idaho; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington.

David also facilitates community-based discussions. He gives interactive presentations on the concept of compassion, as well as reflections from his work and personal experience. As opportunities arise, David also participates in television, radio and press interviews and discussions.

Watch this video for an explanation on how it all began…