The Fifth Annual Compassion Commemoration—Stories of a Murder/Suicide, an Umbrella, and a Passionate “F-You!”

Friday, June 3rd, I commemorated seven years of bringing awareness to compassion by remaining present at 3rd and C for 24 hours straight. It is the fifth year doing so and it serves to reflect on the journey since 2009 and what has happened since the previous year. I arrived a few minutes after midnight. The Thursday night crowds, mostly college students, were still … [Read more...]

Forgiving My Father

I write this in response to an online prompt I received today, asking about forgiveness in my own life. It immediately brought to mind the greatest process of forgiveness I've experienced—forgiving my father. I grew up with an abusive dad. He was born in 1917 during an era with much different values and disciplinary tactics than today. During my early years in the late … [Read more...]

Self-compassion and other-oriented compassion

If someone sitting next to you on the bus started crying, what would you do? Or if you saw someone pass out on the sidewalk? If your best friend called you for relationship advice? What would be the compassionate response? Other-oriented compassion would ask the person why he/she is crying. It would rush to see if the person on the sidewalk needed help. It would cause you to … [Read more...]

Gratitude for the Little Things

This weekend I spent time at the Compassion Earthbench, sitting there in a state of loving-kind presence. As of late, I find fewer thoughts roaming through the mind and remaining aware of the inherent peace granted as the basis for all life. I simply sat, noticing the countless Autumn-colored leaves blowing in the breeze, the changes happening in the tall and famous 109 year … [Read more...]

Attending the 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions

Last year I heard about the Parliament of the World's Religions to take place in Salt Lake City, Utah and thought: "I want to go." It was while I was on the Compassion Tour. I knew it would be soon after its ending, wondering if I would be able to pay for it once I completed the tour. Fast forward to the day before the event was to take place. I'm sitting in an office with a … [Read more...]