One of 1000 Voices Discovering Compassion

I ask people to share their written concept of the word compassion in a notebook. As of today, I estimate asking about 20,000 people and receiving approximately 10,000 responses. I do this as a personal endeavor to bring awareness to compassion and to help alleviate unnecessary suffering in the world. I began this endeavor on June 3rd, 2009. Because of asking so many people … [Read more...]

Compassion and Climate Change—At War Within Ourselves, On the Planet, and With the Planet

Recently I contemplated if the planet's weather patterns are shifting in order to survive against the wars perpetrated in its air, through its water, and on its soil. I mean this in a literal sense—wars between individuals, states, nations, religions, ideologies, etc.—and also environmental pollutants such as smog, oil spills, and radiation leaks. Is the planet saying enough is … [Read more...]

Compassion and Bullying

We all know a bully—someone who just won't leave you alone and receives pleasure from your misery. Whether it be that one kid from the playground who wouldn't stop jumping on your back. Or the person who took your textbook and threw it across the classroom while you were studying. You may remember the one that ridiculed you for dressing with polka dot, knee-high socks that … [Read more...]

What’s Next, What I Learned about Compassion, and Reality

I just finished a year-long Compassion Tour around the United States asking people to write their concept of compassion in a notebook. I also did numerous interviews, discussions, Q-&-As, and one-on-one "street therapy" sessions with spiritual seekers in over a dozen communities. After finishing about a week ago, I'm now resting, reflecting on the experience as I move … [Read more...]

Compassion, Kindness, and Mercy

I recently put out a request for those interested in hearing thoughts I can share regarding compassion. I figure after dedicating the last six years to compassion, I can take time to share any wisdom that may pour through me on the subject through questions posed from others. I write this blog in response to an inquiry on how kindness and mercy relate to compassion.... How … [Read more...]