Gratitude for the Little Things

This weekend I spent time at the Compassion Earthbench, sitting there in a state of loving-kind presence. As of late, I find fewer thoughts roaming through the mind and remaining aware of the inherent peace granted as the basis for all life.

I simply sat, noticing the countless Autumn-colored leaves blowing in the breeze, the changes happening in the tall and famous 109 year old English Elm on the property, the way in which people walked, how family members interacted with one another. I intentionally filled my heart with gratitude, then emanated it outwardly to whoever/whatever wished to receive it in their/its own knowing.

gratitudeBecause people in Davis know about what I do, I am offered countless gifts. This weekend, I received a free breakfast. One of the owners from a restaurant across the street had one of his employees make some mint tea and bring it out to me. Free refills! A man who said that he saw me often at the corner came up from behind me and gave me a hug, saying that he just wanted to give me a hug.

At one point a teenager came by with two older men. They started taking photos of him sitting at the bench and talking about an extra credit assignment on compassion. I asked them about it. The father explained how a teacher in the adjacent city offered an extra credit assignment to visit the Compassion Corner Earthbench and write an essay on compassion. They needed to come to Davis and take a photo to prove they had visited the bench. Made me think of how many people out there are touched by compassion.

People I know stopped by to say hi and talk for a little while. Jokes were told among friends. I was offered a ride to my storage space whenever I needed one. I’m staying at a friend’s place and when I got back home I found fresh bread left for me.

What other feeling can you have other than gratitude for so many blessings?

It’s those little things that you can always be grateful for. Those little things that sneak up on you during the day and make you smirk, giggle, smile, and laugh. Remember the little things, because those moments too make up the entirety of our lives.

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