How can compassion play a role in shifting the dynamics of the current political landscape?

How can compassion play a role in shifting the dynamics of the current political landscape?

Here is additional commentary on the question:

All things begin with the self. Consider this: if there is this amount of hate speech in the US and it is being supported by so many people, think of how much self-hatred there must be overall. Going back to a question from a previous video log, How do I know if I am loving myself enough?, I think of why that question exists in the first place and why do people ask it so often. Think about it for a moment—adults need to actually learn how love themselves. How did this happen? I think it starts during our rearing period when our authentic selves become stifled by norms—from parents, peers, teachers, clergy, media, etc. The Dalai Lama was once asked a question about self-esteem and he didn’t understand the question because he was without a concept of self-esteem; he didn’t know what it meant to not love himself. Of course, he has been treated as a deity since age two which I think makes him an exception. Yet, does it take such an extreme upbringing for one to look in the mirror and to be able to say, I love you?

I also believe it is ironic that the United States of America, symbolized as feminine in its name and by the Statue of Liberty, can lean so heavily toward a patriarchal paradigm during this election period—one of hatred, dominance, and father-knows-best authority. A true king cherishes the queen, fiercely providing for her needs and the kingdom, if needed, out of love. It is that strong compassion that still holds love at its foundation with a balance between being assertive and opening space for grace. The behavior exhibited by some of the male politicians in the presidential race stems from narcissism, leaving the queen’s needs as a mere echo left behind to wither.

Compassion can recognize the current political landscape as a self-hatred epidemic. One can realize the extent of spiritual maturing that is needed to bring us to the true freedom, true liberty, into a truly united state of oneness. Remember, we are all a creative force in the universe with the choice to love.

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